Hi! I’m Minjie, an assistant professor at Hunan University and a cooperative research fellow at The University of Tokyo. I am now working with Prof. Yoichi Sato under the JST CREST project, which focuses on understanding and assistance of group activities using first-person vision.

I received my Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology at The University of Tokyo, supervised by Prof. Yoichi Sato and co-advised by Dr. Kris Kitani. I received my M.S. in Communication and Information Engineering and B.S. in Electronics and Information Engineering at Northwestern Polytechnical University.


  • (December 14, 2018) Got assigned nine CVPR papers for reviewing. Keenly aware of the fast-growing popularity in AI!
  • (September 25, 2018) I have moved to Hunan University (in the city of Changsha near my hometown) and would remain as a cooperative research fellow at the University of Tokyo.
  • (July 5, 2018) Our work on egocentric gaze prediction has been accepted to ECCV 2018 as oral presentation! [Project page]
  • (March 15, 2018) We uploaded our work on gaze prediction in egocentric video to arXiv.
  • (December 1 2017) We released our UTJA Dataset (University of Tokyo - Joint Attention).
  • (August 8, 2017) One paper about spatial-temporal detection of joint attention from multiple first-person videos has been accepted to ICCV workshop. [Project page]
  • (February 1, 2017) Our paper on hand grasp analysis has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. [Project page]